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Rome & Egypt Rated 5/5 based on 1 votes
Rome & Egypt

Rome & Egypt Real Money Slot Game

Rome and Egypt is a slot machine that celebrates two of the most powerful ancient civilisations in the world.

We often consider the Roman Empire to be one of the largest and perhaps one of the most powerful throughout history. The Egyptian Empire however has created iconic buildings and living legends throughout their history.

Surprisingly both of these civilisations did have some common ground within their history and Rome and Egypt tells the story of Caesar and Cleopatra.

This ancient love story that was rumoured to have happened would have married two of the largest empires in the world.

With some of the symbols and slight differences between the two empires presented across the slot machine, players will continue to match together items like Egyptian priest hats, laurels, Egyptian cane and whips, sorting shields, the Coliseum, the Sphinx, pyramids and various fruits.

Rome and Egypt is a game that has many features available in it. Most of the features revolve around some of the more powerful symbols in the game from both the Roman empire and the Egyptian Empire.

The stacked wilds for example feature images of Cleopatra as well as Caesar and they can appear on every single reel.

Matching together the symbols can make some incredible combinations which can generate payouts for the player. The chance for stacked wilds they can replace other symbols also happen on many of the free spins and scatters that the game can present.

A player can receive between 5 to 50 spins with a two times multiplier when they are able to match together to the five different wild symbols. In order for the free spins feature to activate Cleopatra and Caesar have to come up on at least two different consecutive reels.

The number of spins is determined by the number of Cleopatra and Caesar symbols that are going to line up. The chance for up to 100 free spins is available in this slot machine and this can really help players to activate some massive winnings!

With over 40 pay lines players can win up to 5000 coins payout. Celebrate these two incredible empires and check out Rome and Egypt today!

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