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OMG Kittens Rated 5/5 based on 1 votes
OMG Kittens

OMG Kittens Real Money Slot Game

OMG Kittens is a great slot machine with an absolutely heart breakingly cute theme.

If you love looking at pictures of cats on the internet, this is going to be a slot machine that you are going to have difficulty ignoring. There's a huge percentage of Internet videos and images with plenty of fun cats in them.

Even if you aren't technically a cat person, this is a slot machine that is so sweet it will be nearly impossible to pass up.

The game was created by WMS to pay tribute to many of the cat memes and videos online. OMG kittens was first created as a physical slot machine game and it has since been ported over into a digital version for play today.

Players will match together several different types of kittens including one that is trying to sneak into a fishbowl, balls of yarn, kitten collars, bottles of milk and more. With the success of this slot machine it's no wonder that WMS was also able to build an OMG puppies slot too!

The main cats that you are going to be matching up in this slot machine game are Tiger, Mr. whiskers as well as bubbles.

Each of these symbols represents some of the highest value prices on the game board by matching together cats alone. There are however some extra symbols including a scatter symbol, wild bonuses and more.

The free spins bonus round is triggered by hitting four different large kitten symbols across the reels. Players can get access to five free spins as well as a chance for multipliers by matching together several different symbols at once.

For each time that you match together Tiger you can see free spins that increase with a maximum of 10 times and a chance for 45 free spins if you can continue to match up new symbols on every free spin. Mr whiskers can also add some new bonus payouts to your wins.

Every time you see Mr. whiskers appear on the fifth real during a bonus then you continue to build up your multipliers to ensure that you can continue seeing improved wins over time.

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