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Nemo's Voyage Rated 5/5 based on 1 votes
Nemo's Voyage

Nemo's Voyage Real Money Slot Game

Nemo’s Voyage is a WMS slot that pays complete tribute to Capt. Nemo and the novelist from 20,000 leagues under the Sea.

If the idea of Jules Vern's novel has always intrigued you or you are a fan of undersea adventures, this is astonishing that you need to check out today.

Most of the symbols available on the board are items directly from the novel itself with a wide range of equipment ranging from telescopes, the maps, harpoons and see life such as whales, giant squid and sharks. Every spin present a brand-new opportunity to match together creatures from under the sea as well as futuristic items from the mind of Jules Verne.

The Nautilus needs to be consistently monitored in this slot machine game and there are a number of different mechanics that can make conditions very difficult for the people on board.

Consistently monitoring the submarine as well as your play strategy is part of what makes this such a fun slot machine. The background of this slot machine is completely animated and it is as though you are staring directly through the submarine window into a completely foreign landscape.

The really interesting features available in the most voyage is definitely the idea of the Nautilus taking on pressure throughout the playtime.

As the pressure wilds, clumped wilds and winnings grow there's a chance that the pressure indicator inside the ship can continue to rise and you will be awarded with a number of new bonuses to improve your winnings.

Keeping an eye out on the pressure gauge could give you an indication of when you are about to strike a big bonus!

There are 40 different pay lines on the board and players can bet a maximum of 200 coins per spin.

When the pressure gauge begins to build players can activate not only wild but wildx3 bonuses, clumped wilds, wild reels and more bonuses.

If these wild bonuses are triggered the wild symbols can continue to multiply prize amounts exponentially! Forming clumps of wilds on the reels and having a chance to win in multiples of times three is just the start. Players even have the chance to unlock some free spins, see a giant squid and more. When the giant squid appears on the board it can surface and grab onto the reels to turn the entire area into a locked wild too!

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