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Jumpin Jalapeños Rated 5/5 based on 1 votes
Jumpin Jalapeños

Jumpin Jalapeños Real Money Slot Game

Jumpin’ Jalapeños is a slot machine that celebrates all things spicy and chilli based.

Players who start this game up are going to feel as though they've been on an Mexican vacation trying out the spiciest and most authentic food from the country all at once.

This slot definitely looks a little bit different from other types of WMS slots because it was developed primarily by Konami to have the partnership and rights of eventually taken over by WMS.

Matching together different types of chilies and jalapeños on this game is the way that players can get the most out of their winnings.

Some of the biggest symbols that match together on this board include the wild Mexican man symbols, jalapeños and various chilies. The basis of this game was to portray the symbols that would be present in a giant jalapeno eating competition.

You will definitely start to see some of the competitors dancing after they match together the symbols and try out some of these hot peppers for themselves.

Other symbols on the board include Mexican guitars, raging Bulls, buildings and more sights from the festival.

There are some decent prizes in this game simply by matching together some of the base symbols.

It's possible for players to win up to 500 coins just for matching together several different cactus symbols.

It's also possible to win a decent amount of coins for matching together Mexican guitars or tacos. Players can see up to 1000 coins for matching together the buildings, rampaging bulls can deliver up to 1250 coins and the chili competition eaters matched will win up to 2500 coins.

Matching together three of the fiery bonus symbols can award up to 12 free spins in a bonus round.

Wilds can also continue to stack during the bonus round on the same line to potentially help players see some huge winnings. The gains stacking system and the autoplay features allow players to choose between two or 50 pay lines on every spin and a maximum bet of 125 coins on each spin. Check out this slot machine for some fiery bonuses!

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