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What Is A No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonuses are one of the most commonly sought-after “perks” that can be found from an online casino, and as the name suggests… it’s a bonus, where you don’t even have to make a deposit in order to claim it!

While – as you can imagine – the online casinos offering such bonuses aren’t overly easy to come by… and while the no-deposit-bonuses always come with fairly stringent terms and conditions attached, they’re still a great way to enjoy casino games for free – and with a bit of luck, you could even cash out a bit, too!

Below, we’ll look at some of the main terms usually associated with a no-deposit-bonus.


Wagering-requirements are the centre point of most online casino bonuses today, whether they be free-spins bonuses, matched-deposit-bonuses, or indeed no-deposit-bonuses.

Wagering requirements ensure the casino limits their liability, and allows them to give bigger bonuses than they would be able to, otherwise.

In short, wagering-requirements are requirements that set forth how many times you must “play through” the bonus received. For example, if you were to receive a casino bonus of £10, with 30X wagering-requirements attached, it means you’d have to stake £300 (30X multiplied by £10), before the bonus funds become withdraw-able funds.

Now, the exact wagering-requirements attached to bonuses depends on the offer, and the amount you deposit, and some games count differently towards wagering-requirements than others; for example, most video slots will contribute 100% (meaning every £1 staked knocks £1 from the wagering-requirements), whereas others – that are considered to have a low-risk to the player, such as Blackjack and Baccarat – will often only count as 5%, 10%, or 20%.

Maximum Withdrawal

Especially common with no-deposit-bonuses, a maximum withdrawal is the maximum amount you can win, and withdraw to your bank account from a specific bonus.

For example, if you took a no-deposit-bonus with a maximum win of £100, regardless of how much you won, you wouldn’t be able to withdraw more than £100.

Now, that may sound disheartening – but the important thing to remember, is that no-deposit-bonuses are generally 100% FREE, so although the terms and conditions are a little “harsh”, you’re not actually losing anything by taking the bonus, so… essentially, it could be free money, if you can beat it! Good luck…

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