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Three Kingdoms Rated 5/5 based on 1 votes
Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms Real Money Slot Game

Three Kingdoms is an online slot machine which has players defending their ancient kingdoms.

Based off of ancient kingdoms in China, when the game starts you will be asked to choose a character.

This creates a fun element to the game allowing you to choose your alliance with the kingdom or even change your alliance halfway through the game if you would prefer. The main characters include Cao Cao of the blue kingdom, Sun Quan of the red kingdom and Liu Bei of the green kingdom.

Depending on the kingdom that you choose at the beginning, this can change some of the bonuses and the winning combinations that you get access to throughout the game. Every kingdom hasn't even chance to win so most players just pick their favourite colour or character.

The character that you pick originally will determine the type of symbols on the board that will be acting as wild.

When you pick a particular character and they appear on the game board, These will be your wild symbols for the game. If you happen to see another player appearing more often on the board, you could even try switching your alliance in an effort to have more wilds come up.

Most of the other symbols on the board have to do with accumulating wealth. Players will be trying to accumulate different types of gems and treasures in an effort to gain the support of their kingdom and army to run to their aid.

The character selection screen is something that's quite unique to this game. Being able to pick your bonuses and the wild symbol based off of your chosen warrior can help you feel more in control.

The wild symbol for your character can give you up to 500 credits and sometimes wilds will lock to the entire reel giving you access to ongoing wins.

The mega tiles are symbols of the warrior that will start up crazy games as well as ongoing wins for your character.

Matching Diamonds on the board can give you as much as 40 coins when you are able to match together 3 to 5 different symbols. Various other coloured gems can bring smaller prize bonuses but the highest price symbols on the board are definitely the wild symbols for play.

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