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Grand Wheel Rated 4/5 based on 2 votes
Grand Wheel

Grand Wheel Real Money Slot Game

Bonus wheels are a fairly constant strategy they can be found in many types of slot games to offer a few extra credits or even the occasional multiplier.

With Grand Wheel the bonus wheel is one of the main staples of the game.

RedTiger was interested in producing a game that focused more primarily on the bonus wheel and some of the random elements that could come along with the use of a bonus wheel. Although there's only one main pay line, the grand wheel is what makes this game such a big draw for players.

Grand Wheel doesn't necessarily have a flashy style the reels are most of the screen space and the bonus will take up a fair amount of space on the desktop version of the game as well.

The sound effects have a very old style feel and when you start to play the game you might even start to feel as though you are playing an older version of a casino experience.

Grand Wheel is far from a retro slot especially with the way the bonus wheel is used. The purple background as well as the traditional payout symbols can create a beautiful look for the game and there are some absolutely surprising rewards that can be triggered as you play through.

The Grand Wheel Bonus side will allow you to spin the bonus wheel and unlock some of the surprise rewards. It takes just two symbols to unlock the wheel and start to spin it.

Three bonus wheel symbols on the pay line will open up the grand wheel which can help you to receive up to 1000 times your initial wager.

This sort of payout could reward you massively especially with some of the secondary cash prizes which are available from the grand wheel as well as the regular bonus wheel.

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