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Gold Star Rated 5/5 based on 1 votes
Gold Star

Gold Star Real Money Slot Game

Gold Star is a slot machine that is based in the world of singing and becoming a big music star.

Most of the theme is lightly based in the Golden age of disco and DJs with Golden microphones, bright colours, star coloured glasses and freshly coloured Gold Star wild symbols.

Gold star can certainly make you a star when it comes to casino winnings as the largest jackpot available on this machine sits around C$1500 in most casinos.

When RedTiger gaming set out to create a fun slot machine that would be symbolic of a friendly slot that would pay tribute to entertainers, their features were outlined with beautiful precision.

There are plenty of opportunities to win cash with this casino game that features five reels and plenty of different winning combinations. Although this is still a fairly low roller slot, it does have a very high win percentage and matching the combinations together can be very exciting with the frequency wins it offers on max bet.

The GoldStar mystery symbol is perfect for matching together with other neighboring symbols on the board to create some huge wins.

The mystery symbol is like a large wild and it often shakes up the nature of the game to present higher prizes.

The Golden button is a very rare wild symbol that can create awards up to 388 times your bet.

The GoldStar logo is one of the biggest offers on the board as this can award 888 credits.

This game doesn't have any type of extra bonus game so it is just pure and classic slot machine fun.

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