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Gems Gone Wild Rated 3.5/5 based on 2 votes
Gems Gone Wild

Gems Gone Wild Real Money Slot Game

RedTiger gaming has launched the Gems Gone Wild slot in 2016 and the entire aesthetic of this slot machine resembles the very popular game bejewelled.

While many users of slot machines like the idea of potentially being able to buy their own jewelry after just a short play session, gems gone wild offers flashes of unique jewellery and gems that will tempt even experienced slot machine players. The music as well as the graphics that can be found across gems gone wild will really work to attract players for long play sessions.

The maximum reward the players can get access to with this slot machine is over 600 credits and matching together various gems for a pile of shiny rewards can be very exciting.

Various gems and bonus matches will create amazing effects over time. Players will match together emeralds, rubies, Sapphire, diamonds and amethyst to create unique combinations and even stumble across various wild symbols.

Between the art style and the sounds that come up when gems are match together, it is possible to create some absolutely beautiful combinations that can pay big.

This slot has many features including more than just simple colour matching. Players can put together wild symbols that will actually help to knock other symbols off the board and reveal new combinations, match together wild combinations and more.

Placing three wild combinations on the same pay line will earn an instant 20 coin payout.

Four symbols match together will award 200 coins at once.

With a five symbol matching bonus it's possible to get over 600 coins in bonus earnings.

Almost all of the extra earnings in this game come from the wild symbols and matching some of the highest prize gems. There are no additional scatter symbols or multipliers for this slot.

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