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Online Slots Jackpots

Online Slots Jackpots are an essential part of every online slot game. One can argue that it is the ultimate goal and achievement when playing any online video slot game; and it is very common for players to mark the occasion with screen shots and making sure all their friends know about the epic win!

There are four main types of online slots jackpots:

This type of jackpot is also known as independent, flat or standalone jackpots. Basically, the value of the jackpot is guaranteed and fixed; no matter how often players hit the winning combination. The prize pot will not get any bigger or smaller.

In this scenario, the value of the jackpot increases as players wager on that individual online slots machine.

The principle being, a percentage of every wager placed will go towards the game jackpot.

It should be noted Standalone Progressive Jackpots are linked to other slot machines; the jackpot associated with the game will only grow, as a direct result of players wagering on that particular slot machine.

This type of progressive jackpot is not applicable to just one slot machine, but is usually built around a local network of online slot games in one casino.

What this means is that a proprietary progressive jackpot grows much faster than a standalone progressive jackpot.

This progressive jackpot is really the ultimate, where the network of online slots machines is not limited to one casino, but in most cases, it is a global network of players all contributing to a progressive jackpot.

A common example of how effective, substantial and popular these jackpots have become, is quite clear with regards to an online progressive slot game titled Mega Moolah. This progressive slots machine was developed by Microgaming and has been one of their flagship products.

This well established gaming developer has managed to distribute this game via their more than 600 partnerships with casino brands. In reality, this means that Mega Moolah Progressive jackpot is growing constantly, as players from all over the world are contributing to the jackpot!

In fact, just recently on the 14th March 2017, a mobile slots player won €6.6 million! Mega Moolah does reflect the success of these types of jackpots, with 32 jackpot wins since the launch on the game, the biggest jackpot won being £13,212,882.

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