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Wonky Wabbits Rated 0/5 based on 0 votes
Wonky Wabbits

Wonky Wabbits Slot UK Review

Wonky Wabbits is a slot machine game that is all about reverting back to your love of cartoons.

The theme of this machine celebrates quirky little rabbits as well as extremely cute cartoon figures that multiply and deliver some big bonuses throughout the game.

See what happens when these cartoon rabbits are unleashed in a vegetable garden and if they are able to journey through the garden scene and get the most food possible at of the experience. The entire scene looks as though it has been built out of fabric in a unique piñata or video game style.

In most cases players will be matching together symbols across a deep blue sky with mountains in the background in the garden in the forefront.

Some of the symbols include a giant fat carrot, Golden ears of corn, eggplants, broccoli and a red tomato to name just a few. The fun theme song that plays over top of the game is extremely happy and will stick in your head.

Although many cartoon slots do come with their own unique bonus game, Wonky Rabbits does not. In most cases you will have wilds that appear across many of the symbols on the screen.

When a wild pops up it creates the highest possible win based off of a neighbouring symbol.

Landing two of the wilds on the board will help you to achieve some stacked wilds which can duplicate features and wins.

There are 14 different wilds on this board making the chance for big prizes in duplication an easy possibility. While there is no bonus game the amount of wins will really keep this game exciting.

Autoplay features really improve the speed at which you can play this game as well with a chance to spend up to 1000 times in Autoplay. The compatibility on this device is perfect with mobile, laptops or desktops as well.

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