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Sparks Slot UK Review

Sparks is a slot machine that is designed with a fairly generic and bright theme that celebrates energy.

Sparks is delivered in an online slot machine that plays with a series of cool wilds and the chance to manipulate energy over the bonuses and combinations in the game.

The game has an energy theme and the background is a galaxy itself with a blue and purple background. In most cases players we matching together a variety of energy symbols done in purple, blue, orange and more.

The end goal will be to use this energy to light up a distant planet and help the lifeforms there.

The base theme of this game involves working together to manipulate energy and unlocking the secret equations for energy and power within the universe. Finding these secrets will reward players in a huge way.

The base features for this game involves mashing together a series of different equations as well as the energy in the universe. 3 to 5 matching symbols in this game can deliver a 50 coin went. Matching together some of the sparks however can deliver winds that range between 100 coins all the way up to 200 coins.

The other symbols to watch out for in this game include the wild symbol which can serve two different roles.

The wild symbol first can deliver instant winnings of up to 200 coins at a time and depending on the power that sits next to the wild symbol, it can also clone the energy itself.

Wilds will work to award the best possible price amounts based off of neighbouring energy symbols. Energy is something they can chain together especially players have access to energy symbols of all the same colour.

These chains of energy will move out in almost every direction to create huge wins.

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