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Dracula Slot UK Review

Dracula is a slot machine that is dedicated primarily to the world's most famous vampire and horror figure.

This is an extremely adventurous slot machine that is all about feeding the vampires need for blood.

Dracula in this version of this story is no longer living in Transylvania but rather he has his own place in London at Carfax Abbey.

In this new setting location players will be matching together a variety of symbols from Victorian England including some of the victims for Dracula. The main goal of this slot machine is to help with his thirst for blood by finding alcoholics, tramps and even fat ladies that he can feast upon the sate his blood lust.

The backdrop in this really showcases the theme of the horror game, with a fairly foggy and mysterious look to it as well as a number of symbols across the board that look mostly like the types of victims that you would commonly see Dracula take on.

The main features for this game mostly involve Dracula testing out his accomplices so that they can collect the number of victims for him. The first test the Dracula will provide to you is a test to match five main symbols together.

If you can match together five symbols you can begin moving on to deliver new blood donors directly to him.

This involves matching together the alcoholics, tramps and women so that Dracula can reward you between 20 to 200 times your stake. There are also stacked wilds that can substitute for other symbols across the reels as well as stacked symbols across many of the reels including the stacked lady.

Matching together Dracula's will also reward you with a wild at almost any time on the reels 2,3, and 4.

Players can win a large jackpot in this game with a maximum bet of around 200 points per spin.

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