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Boom Brothers Rated 0/5 based on 0 votes
Boom Brothers

Boom Brothers Slot UK Review

Boom Brothers is a slot machine with an incredibly fun theme.

The idea of this slot machine follows three dwarf mining brothers who absolutely love playing around with explosives.

In Boom Brothers, players will be working their way through a variety of levels in order to get the most out of the diamond mines which are represented in the gameplay. The whole background of this game is set in a diamond mind and the craziest of the three brothers absolutely loves the blast apart and open up new sections of the mine with TNT.

Most of the symbols that you find across the board are definitely related to diamond mining, explosives, hammers, lanterns , pickaxes, buckets and more.

The fun music in the background as well as the outdoor noises really drive home that this is a natural slot machine that takes place in a real diamond mine scenario.

There are many incredible features found throughout this slot including the second chance feature which involves one of the three dwarves pulling a lever that can actually throw a bomb into the middle of the screen and improve winning combinations.

A series of free spins will also work to increase the chances that you can have it unlocking some huge jackpots.

Landing together 3 to 4 free spins symbols can deliver from eight up to 50 spins. There is also a chance for three times multiplier applied to any free spin.

Another bonus game to keep in mind is the rail track bonus game which is one of the biggest highlights found in Boom brothers.

The goal is to land three rail track symbols across the pay line so that you can move into the bonus game.

The first bonus game involves helping the dwarves roller cart across the track and find the winning reel with the highest pay line. Eventually if you safely guide the cards through the right pay lines you can unlock a cart scene that features a gold bar, diamond, ruby and more.

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