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Show me the Bunny Rated 0/5 based on 0 votes
Show me the Bunny

Show me the Bunny Slot UK Review

If you have ever seen the Tom Cruise movie Jerry Maguire you may remember the iconic Cuba Gooding Jr. line of “show me the money!” This version of the line however is a little bit different in a bunny themed slot machine that is all about Robbie the rabbit.

The idea of Show me The Money slot machine is similar to who framed Roger rabbit only with a few off brand characters.

Players will be matching together a human girl, female rabbit, Robbie himself and a number of farm symbols. The goal of this slot is to have Robbie escape the farm and enjoy some time with his female companion.

There are some notable bonuses in this game such as the three round choice in the bonus game. Players love the chance to try three different rounds of bonuses which are the bunny boiler, the bunny for nothing and the warren run.

The warren run is a game style that is somewhat similar to lead of dragons where players will have to navigate Robbie through a maze and collect carrots in a snake like game. Players just need to watch out and make sure that the bunny doesn’t end up grabbing his own tail instead of a carrot.

Bunny for nothing is a set of free spins with a golden carrot that activates the entire game. There are also a series of multipliers that continue until the free spins are expelled.

Bunny boiler is a bonus game where Robbie is being chased by his angry girlfriend.

The goal is to help Robbie escape and outrun his girlfriend by doing laps around in a circle. If he's able to outrun his partner by doing laps while collecting multipliers it's possible to increase the prizes the player wins. Eventually Robbie will get caught, but you can choose how long he runs away!

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