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Jackpot Slots Guide

Progressive Jackpots are one of the most exciting, and nail-biting ways for a player to enjoy online gambling, and… well, there’s just no denying the fact that spinning for hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pounds, is quite unlike anything else in the world!

While Blackjack, and Roulette may be relatively enjoyable games, they’re never going to make you “rich”… and that’s why progressive jackpot games are proving so popular.

Of just a £1 spin (or even a 25p stake, as you’ll see below), it’s literally possible to win life-changing amounts of money… and we’re talking multi-millionaire status in a matter of seconds!

So What Is a Progressive Jackpot?

A progressive jackpot slot is one that features a jackpot; this amount increases each time the slot is played, and is usually shared amongst multiple online casinos – often as many as 300. This ensures the progressive jackpot rises quickly, and makes sure you’re not playing for a dingy, 4-figure jackpot that never pays!

You don’t need to play any additional bets in order to play a progressive jackpot game… but bear in mind, most software providers do favour players playing at the maximum coin-bet, so if you want the best possible odds of scooping the progressive jackpot, always try and play the maximum coins – it’ll be worth it if you win!

How To Choose The Right Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

A simple Google search will reveal thousands upon thousands of “gurus” teaching you how to choose machines that are about to pay out…

And if you’re playing online, this is complete BS! While it’s true that – in some situations – old-school slot machines in land-based-casinos could have their jackpot-paying time predicted (although still with a HUGE degree of inaccuracy), online, it’s physically impossible, and each and every spin on the progressive jackpot slot is dependant from the last, meaning you could – theoretically – win the progressive jackpot back-to-back… and you could go 50 years without winning it!

To be in with the best chance of winning jackpot however, there are a couple of things you can do to shift the odds somewhat more in your favoured:

This is by no-means a sure-fire way of winning, but if you choose a progressive jackpot game that hasn’t payed in a LONG time – while mathematically your odds don’t improve… many players do feel there’s a better chance of a game paying out.

We talked about this in the section above; software providers give players on maximum-coin bets extra chances to win the progressive jackpots, and if you’re not playing max coins, you’re massively decreasing your chances of winning.

With most online slots shared amongst as many as 300 online casinos, there’s often millions of players playing for the jackpot each and every day! Instead of going for a 6, or 7-figure slot, consider playing one that has a jackpot if – say - £10k… and choose one that’s deponent to a specific casino, and NOT shared.

While the monetary amount will be nowhere near as much, it does mean you’re not competing with thousands of other players each second, and can improve your chances of winning.

Popular Progressive Jackpot Games

While there are hundreds – if not thousands – of progressive jackpot games around the world today, some are more notable than others, and below, you’ll see five of the biggest, most well-known games on offer.

All these games have featured million-pound jackpots at some point in their lives… and as you’ll soon see, one has even offered players as much as TEN MILLION POUNDS! And yes – that really is 8-figures!

Divine Fortune is one of NetEntertainment’s most popular video slots, and is the game that really brought them onto the progressive jackpot market, once and for all.

This Roman-themed game sees you immersed amongst Pegasus’, and has you competing for entry into the free-spins round, which is triggered by landing three of the free-spins scatter symbols anywhere in view.

The real money, however, is found in the progressive jackpot bonus-round, which is triggered by landing three, four, or five Gold coins. Do so, and you’ll enter the bonus-round, where you are taken to a new reel-set.

Land one line of gold coins, and you’ll win the small progressive jackpot… two reels awards the major progressive jackpot… and three lines awards the actual progressive jackpot, currently standing at over £160,000!

Mega Moolah is one of the most famous video slots in history – jackpot aside – and it’s arguably one of the main reasons why Microgaming are so popular, and well-known as they are today.

You see, while the game isn’t anything too special – the progressive jackpot, has made over 200 millionaires around the world during its time… and its biggest winner (who holds the world record for the largest online casino win EVER), scooped a whopping £10 Million… playing just 25p stakes! Don’t ever say small stakes can’t win again!

Genie Jackpots has become somewhat of a “cult” game, and this Blueprint Gaming title was initially found within bookmakers throughout the UK, before making its way online, with a progressive jackpot attached, to the delight of many players!

The jackpot is awarded during what is known as a “Power Spin”, and this is where a Genie appears from his lamp during the main base-game, awarding one of 7 bonuses; if the progressive jackpot bonus is chosen, it’s your lucky day!

With the jackpot known to reach in excess of £1 Million, there’s every reason to game on this exciting, unique, fast-paced video slot!

Another title from Blueprint Gaming, The Pig Wizard initially attracted criticism from players and industry experts, as – well, it’s near enough a direct clone of Harry Potter – but while some thought legal issues may arise from Warner Bros, nothing came of it, and the slot has now exploded in popularity, and again, like Genie Jackpots, this fun, dynamic game found its way from the bookmakers, to the online casinos, in a relatively short space of time! The progressive jackpot varies, but is known to have been as high as £1.5 Million!

IGT are one of the founding names in slot technology, and they’re well-known for their jackpot games, having commissioned, and built the biggest jackpot game in Las Vegas for 20 years; the Wheel of Fortune.

This Egyptian-themed video slot from IGT, is an online version, however, and offers players the chance to play alongside Pharaoh’s and Mummy’s, in order to try and uncover the treasure hidden under vast Pyramid ruins!

With jackpots often as high as £2 Million – and yes, you read that right – it’s clear there’s never a dull moment on the game, and life-changing sums of money await players on each, and every spin!

That’s just a few of the progressive jackpot games on offer; have a look around, and find a game you like the look of…

You never know – today, could be the most lucrative day, of your life!

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