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Free Coins Vs Free Spins

If you’ve ever played video slots – or want to – then you’ll either know, or soon come across free coins, and free-spins – two of the most commonly found bonuses inside a video slot. In this post, we look at which each of these terminologies really means – and look at how they intertwine with video slots.

Free Coins: What Are They?

Free coins are, generally, the coins you win when awarded what’s known as a "Mystery Bonus". A "Mystery Bonus" is one that can be either randomly-triggered from the main base-game while playing a video slot, or one that can be gotten from a bonus-round (which typically require landing three scatter symbols in view), and when you get a free coin’s bonus, you’ll generally be awarded a random number of coins, which can either equate to a rubbish win, or a big win, dependant on your luck!

Free Spins: What Are They?

Free-spins are far more common than free coins, and are the focal point of almost all online slots around today.

Free spins are, as the name suggests, spins that you don’t pay for – but still win from – and these are generally given as part of a bonus-round, which - like the free coins – is usually triggered by landing three, four, or five scatter symbols anywhere in view.

(The exception to this, is when a game offers re-spins, usually during the main base-game. A good example of this in action, is in Quickspin's Dragon's Shrine, where you are awarded three re-spins when you land a full dragon set on the first reel.)

While the number of free-spins you get depends on a number of factors, including the game itself, the number of scatter symbols you land, and – where applicable – the number you choose – generally, it’s in the 8-12 range.

Some video slots also allow you to re-trigger free-spins, by landing more scatter symbols during the bonus-round – this can allow you to continue enjoying free-spins for – sometimes, an indefinite period of time – and can help your wins to get bigger and better!

So, Which Is Best?

This is one of those questions that just can’t be answered – it depends on the game played, and the “luck” at which you hit the bonus. A free coin’s win can pay 5X… and it can pay 1,000X…. and the free-spins are the same…

But what we will say, is that – in general – free-spins tend to pay more, although this isn’t a guarantee in any way.

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