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Fast Pay Casinos Online

There are many factors which determine where players register and play their favourite online slots and casino games. However, one of the main concerns that is high up on the list for all online players has always been how fast they can withdraw and get hold of their real cash winnings.

In fact, online gaming players and punters have always made a point of withdrawals being as quick as possible. So much so, that online casino operators now make it a top priority to ensure all withdrawals are handled as speedily and efficiently as possible.

Fastest Withdrawal Options

Players should be made aware that fast withdrawals are mainly down to the actual withdrawal method employed. So, it is usually the case, that e-Wallets are the fastest way to go; therefore players are advised to use the following services like PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. In practice, withdrawals via e-Wallets can be completed instantly or take up to 48 hours.

Using mainstream credit and debit cards are a quick and convenient option as well; and most players will be comfortable with this solution.

Another relatively quick way of withdrawing cash is direct bank transfer; especially if one prefers to use their own bank account for gaming transactions. Generally speaking, this method only takes a maximum of five working days; which is quite good, considering the cash is then readily accessible.

Factors which affect Withdrawal times

  1. Reputable gaming entities will have fraud and security protocol that must be followed in order to be financially responsible, minimise fraud and money laundering activity. This includes general KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements like, submitting the relevant documentation to confirm identity, address and bank details.
  2. The actual Withdrawal amount can impact on the time it takes to process. Large withdrawals can be subjected to additional security checks that all responsible online gaming companies need to do to minimise fraud; like checking betting habits are consistent with the player, and ensuring the winnings were derived legitimately. Furthermore, some companies will have withdrawal limits which stipulate the amount one can withdraw at any one time; or on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  3. The actual withdrawal method can affect how fast it is. For example, using an e-Wallet is much faster than choosing to get a cheque.
  4. Where a player is located can affect the withdrawal times as well. In certain countries, using specific withdrawal methods can be problematic; and it would be advised to employ localised methods.


Withdrawals can take some time to process and complete; however, it is a necessary evil which will be experienced at all credible and upstanding online slots and casino companies.

This is mainly due to them having to protect funds from fraudulent activities, which can detrimental to their overall business and lead to even members of casino losing the cash held in their player accounts.

The gaming industry has implemented protocol in an effort to protect themselves, and have worked with banking institutions and gaming regulatory bodies to make sure fraudulent activity is kept to a minimum.

Slots2Play provide all our members with a comprehensive list of all online slots and casino brands that are responsible, and follow all the relevant regulations and guidelines to safeguard the company’s and players’ funds. In addition to this, we list all of the fastest payout and withdrawal options, together with all the relevant details; so that players can make an informed decision as to which option is ideally suited to individual circumstances.

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