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The Lab

The Lab Slot UK Review

The Lab is the best in mad science and the slot machine really is a completely experimental game in itself.

The inspiration that Elk Studios had for this game was to produce something that was all about science and laboratories around the world.

In the Lab you can see what super science is all about in an exaggerated laboratory environment.

Work on series of your own, sample DNA, perform experiments and more by matching together some of the symbols found across the reels.

The overall goal is to voyage into the vortex and see where you can go in the universe.

Most of the time in the slot machine you are mixing together various elements and a number of different symbols from the periodic table. You can see different molecules as well as unique items from the laboratory.

The reels almost look like something out of a giant blackboard in a lab with plenty of symbols, elements and equations.

This game is widely compatible and you can play starting at just .15 coins. The experiment also works on IOS devices as well as android devices.

Players can start by matching together elements like gold, oxygen and water. Water is one of the lowest valued elements with gold sitting near the top of the matching scale.

The pink cube molecules start to improve winnings to 100 coins and the green hexagon molecules can deliver 1000 coins at a time.

Some of the other bonuses include scatter symbols which are represented by X chromosomes, vortex reels which trigger sliding reels and free spin bonuses as well as a variety of wilds that can be triggered into multipliers on free spins.

Players can wager up to 90 coins a spin down to .15 coins over the 15 lines. The game also has the bet optimization strategy feature that delivers the chance for players to have their bet strategy in place for every spin of the wheel.

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