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Dj Wild

Dj Wild Slot UK Review

DJ Wild is one of the premier slot machines available from Elk studios.

As one of the first titles that really made it big in many online casinos, DJ wild has stood as one of the main basis games for their entire catalog.

If you have never played a game from Elk Studios before, this is easily one of the best starting points to get a feel for the quality of gaming experiences that they can deliver.

If you've ever thought of being a worldwide international superstar in the DJ circuit, this is a great way to get a small preview into that lifestyle.

You never dreamt of being an incredible DJ hopping on jets, making your way around the world and meeting beautiful people along the way, you should consider this game.

The soundtrack is amazing and there are some absolutely incredible songs that are banged out by these international DJs.

DJ wild has players matching together traditional slot symbols ranging from plums to lemons and melons. There are also plenty of symbols from the DJ world including headphones, decks, a set of mixers and a full synthesizer.

The big features of this game are definitely the wild symbols here. The DJ wild can be randomly replaced with any of the DJ tools and this can be extremely powerful.

Many DJ tools like a laser wilds, strobe, confetti and fire can all effect the board in different ways allowing for greater wins.

The strobe and laser for example expand horizontally and cover two positions at once!

There are also helpful tips including betting strategies functions with this slot. This allows players to set a percentage of their balance of the stopping point, an automatic raise after five consecutive losses, a booster that will raise on every loss as well as a bonus that raises with every additional win.

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