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Classic Slots Guide

Classic slots – i.e. the ones you find in some land-based-casinos, particularly those in Las Vegas, are the heart, and original founding’s of all slot games.

Most players will be able to conjure up an image of a classic slot in their head; think Cherries, Sevens, and Bars – those are the usual symbols that Classic Slots employ, and while not all do, it’s the generic, common way that they’re designed.

In this post, we’re going to look at some of the main differences between Classic Slots and video slots, and we’ll also look at whether they’re worth playing.

So, to begin with:

What’s The Difference Between A Classic Slot And A Video Slot?

The main difference, is found only on machines in land-based-casinos. Classic Slots generally use actual, weighted reels to deliver the results, while video slots use computer, random-number-generated software to create a result that is then displayed on screen, in the form of a graphic.

Online classic Slots obviously don’t use physical technology, instead, resembling only the appearance, making them a bit different from video slots.

Another big difference usually found in Classic Slots, si that they have a limited number of paylines this is usually between 1, and 5, and is a stark contrast to most video slots, which generally use either 10, 20, 25, or 40 paylines.

Are They Worth Playing?

There’s no concrete answer here; whether you choose to play a Classic Slot or not, largely comes down to your personal preferences as a player.

One thing that can be noted with Classic Slots, is that they generally pay out less regularly than their video slot counterparts – but when they do pay, you’ll usually find the payouts larger than video slots, and this is due to the limited number of lines the games use.

The Classic Slots also tend to be more volatile, which means wins are less common, albeit when the wins do come, you’ll usually find the amounts larger than if you were playing a video slot.

Not many software providers create Classic Slots these days, and you’ll often find only a handful of titles available at an online casino; don’t let this put you offer, however, and just because they’re not the most popular of games around doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the action – check them out for yourself and see if you like them or not, before making a decision on whether to play them or not!

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