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Monopoly Big Event Rated 5/5 based on 1 votes
Monopoly Big Event

Monopoly Big Event Real Money Slot Game

Monopoly Big Event Slot Game is directly based off of the board game Monopoly and if you are a big fan of the game and you have never actually played a Monopoly themed slot machine this is an excellent way that you can tie in the fun of the board game of Monopoly with winning actual riches.

Players will continue to match together the original board game characters such as the car, the dog, the ship and the thimble as well as a number of different bonuses that can be found throughout the game.

The overall goal of players is to build up property portfolios using some of the original tiles from the game to eventually cash them in for even larger prizes.

Collecting rent and having the chance to finally see real profits for Monopoly can be a very exciting way to play a slot machine

Players can boost their bank balance in Monopoly big event up to 200 times their state by matching together various symbols on the board. By building up a property portfolio it's possible to start seeing multipliers from one to five times including the actual value of the property.

The 30 coin big game bet at the beginning of each game will allow players to access three different bonuses including the epic spins bonus, added in persisting while big event as well as the progressive multi-bonus.

Every one of these wilder events can potentially trigger the big event but players need to play at least 30 coins in order to access this section of the game.

Four or five different wilds uncovered can also start the big event which can show a number of chance cards they could turn your advantage in the game and help you to access even larger prizes.

Uncovering chance or community chest cards could help you to access new wins or even a massive number of free spins.

The excitement a Monopoly is very much alive in this game and with a number of elements taken directly from the base game it's bound to be a big favourite amongst Monopoly players worldwide.

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