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Crown Jewels Rated 3/5 based on 2 votes
Crown Jewels

Crown Jewels Real Money Slot Game

Crown Jewels pays tribute to the crown jewels themselves with a number of different cascading reels as well as the chance for some explosive wins.

Crown Jewels Slot is far less of a traditional slot than Crown gems and the goal of this slot was to introduce some of the main gems symbols and well symbols but with cascading wins and fun bonuses too.

The Crown jewels logo is extremely prominent in this slot machine as are the sound effects which are included with the game as well. This is a very polished and professional experience that involves players combining together cascades of real money bonuses as well as jams to produce wins up to 10 times regularly on any spin.

The big excitement often comes with the wins where the music will quickly change over and cause huge explosions which can cascade down the reels to eventually uncover even larger prize amounts. Even hitting just one small win in this game can cause a chain reaction generating bigger improvements.

As a 10 line slot machine it's possible to bet between one cent up to C$40 on the spin. Players have the chance to win some incredible multipliers on every spin and as a result they like to maximise their play sessions.

The autoplay feature allows players to go through up to 25 spins at a time with the chance to include the stop feature which will display winnings and stop for bonus content when a player strikes a big win.

Players can earn multipliers between two times up to 10 times on every spin for one cascade and when each cascade drops this can often add an extra multiplier to the actual win for the player.

Some of the biggest prize amounts that can be put together are the logo. Putting together five of the same logo symbol can pay out up to 500 coins or the chance for 5000 coins with a 10 times cascade bonus.

Diamond is one of the next best symbols on the board with the chance to win up to 250 coins with the chance for a multiplier up to 100 coins added on. It's definitely the cascading effect in this slot machine that makes it exciting to play and maximises some of these top wins.

You can very quickly start to feel as though you have the crown jewels in the palm of your hand when the bonuses begin!

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