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Barkin Mad Rated 4.5/5 based on 2 votes
Barkin Mad

Barkin Mad Real Money Slot Game

Barking Mad is a slot machine that's entirely dedicated to all things dogs and dog loving people.

This slot machine has many different clues as to how to rescue various dogs as well as symbols including many different breeds of dogs. Players can match together symbols on various types of canines that have been stolen and locked up.

The goal of players is to match together some of the symbols on the board to eventually free some of these dogs and win big bonuses along the way.

Some of the main breeds of dogs that players can see on the game board include sausage dogs, Bulldogs, Basset hounds and more. This game is very bright and has unique sound effects including several different bonuses such as the Showtime bonus, wild dog multiplier as well as the scatter bonus.

This could be the perfect game for those who may be interested in starting their dog rescue effort with a cool slot machine online!

Some of the main features of this game board involve matching together various canine symbols as well as the option to match together various types of dogs for a bigger prize value.

Players have the chance to match together 5 Chihuahuas at once for the chance to win up to 200 times their stake, five Bulldogs for 500 times their stake or five Basset hounds to build up 300 times their stake.

As soon as players are able to unite together various dogs with all of their owners it possible to see a huge selection of bonuses including wild symbols that are substituted for other symbols on the game board.

The big bad feature on Barking mad also allows players to continue doubling their bet by creating a side bet for the game board. All multiplier prizes will be directly applied to the results of the game to make sure that players can get the most out of all of their bets.

The sausage or stake games involves picking out packets of items which can be small coin values on each spin. Finding stakes could award players up to 400 coins in a single spin and smaller stakes like sausages will only award around .1 coins per spin to start.

These unique mechanics really make Barking mad worth visiting multiple times.

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