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Trojan Treasure Rated 5/5 based on 1 votes
Trojan Treasure

Trojan Treasure Real Money Slot Game

If you happen to know the story of the Trojan horse and homers Iliad it's likely that you know a bit of the background of this slot machine.

The mighty city of Troy serves as the actor op of this slot machine which has a semi-transparent real system. The Golden lightning as well as the hidden treasures that can be found throughout the city are yours for the taking, you just need to get inside.

Trojan Treasure is definitely a modern slot game and it's an epic retelling of the Trojan horse and the way that the city of Troy was sacked.

Although it isn't exactly historically accurate, it does offer a different take on the events and the chance for players of this slot machine to get their hands on some of the ancient treasures that would lie within the city.

Players will be matching together different treasure chests, the famous Trojan horse, helmets, temples, shields as well as various icons from the battle.

This is a similar style animation and graphic to the famous Brad Pitt movie that came out just a few years previous. The music is epic and many of the top animations have a clean and colourful look to them.

There are 20 pay lines available on this slot and the game has many frequent free spins with a fairly generous paid table on its jackpot system.

Players can bet from C$.30 up to 3000 credits on every spin making this fairly accessible for any type of player.

The horse icon reels can be found on the three main reels and each one of them is substituted as a wild.

Substituting a wild with one of these horse icons could help you win up to 3000 times your wager.

Matching a scatter combination with one of these horses could help you get eight free spins at a time.

Winning combinations will rise dramatically through the game and hitting various wilds can help you to hit new multipliers that will increase your treasure.

The treasure chest stands as a scatter symbol and it cannot be matched with neighbouring wilds. Three or more of these treasure chests can award up to eight spins or up to 3000 times your initial wager.

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