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Jade Tiger Rated 5/5 based on 1 votes
Jade Tiger

Jade Tiger Real Money Slot Game

Jade Tiger is a game that was developed by Ainsworth software and the goal of this slide is to show off an ancient Chinese theme as well as a number of different artefacts from the past all within one very cool themed slot.

Players will be matching together many different types of ornaments from the past as well as artefacts and wild Tigers symbols.

The game definitely takes its name from some of the treasures of old and while many of the top explorers in the past would be trying to obtain jade artefacts, players of this game are all chasing a giant jackpot.

Jade is a very powerful symbol in Chinese mythology and although the green stones may look like they just make nice jewellery. Jade Tigers and other types of jade relics can have a deep religious symbolism as well as a symbolism that signifies good fortune and luck.

The same symbols that can be found in the slot machine often represent godly figures throughout Chinese mythology and many of these top symbols across the reels could pay the same type of significance with the fortunes that the players are able to unlock by playing the game.

Jade Tiger has over 30 different pay lines across five reels. The value of the prizes are extensive and there is a chance to win up to 50 times your initial bet as well as jackpots that range from 3000 coins all the way up to 150,000 coins at a time.

Multiplier bonuses occur with the scattered Jade bi symbol. This type of unique treasure could potentially allow for multipliers up to 50 times the initial bet and it appears on all five of the reels.

The scatter jackpot can also occur with a maximum line bet of at least 100 points. Scatter bets can manipulate the reels to sometimes deliver a 3000 coins bonus.

The lucky Jade Tiger can also create free spins with the chance to unlock many different wild spins after the game continues. These spins can continue to chain together for up to five in a row with wild Tigers on every additional spin. This means plenty of bonuses that can chain together!

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