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Flying Horse Rated 5/5 based on 1 votes
Flying Horse

Flying Horse Real Money Slot Game

Flying Horse slot game has a completely interesting design that's very striking with a skyline into the background.

This slot machine is truly about a flying horse and the theme is something that seems to be taken directly from any type of children's fairytale.

One of the first things that players will notice when they log onto this game is the incredible skyline which changes throughout the game.

It starts off with a red and orange colour resembling dusk and will eventually change into the night sky with silhouettes resembling mountains for the sunrise. The moon will eventually reveal a giant stallion making its way across the skyline which is the flying horse in question from the name of the slot machine.

The message bar towards the top of the reels displays different wins and jackpots as soon as they come up in its very well integrated into the theme. Players will be matching together a variety of symbols that range from a stallion to Golden Eagles, flying horse logos, diamonds, red sevens, card face values ranging from nine up into the ace and more.

The soundtrack in this game resembles something that you might find in a children's music box and this can only add to the charm that this slot machine has for players. It creates an absolutely beautiful atmosphere and helps people get lost.

Flying Horse slot game can deliver up to 1 million coins for five of a kind as well as 100,000 coins for four of a kind on a win.

The Icy wild symbol will deliver up to 10,000 coins in stake back to the player.

The Golden Eagle bonus will deliver 2500 coins as bonus.

The flying horse, diamond and the red seven will all award 1000 and start a multiplier which can help players to maximise their winnings especially if they are on a roll.

The two main wildcards on the board include the flying horse as well as the Icy blue wild cards. Uncovering either one of these ones can create some interesting pay-lines which can reward you as a player.

Free spins from the flying horse logo could give you up to eight free spends with the chance to read trigger the free spins wild five times or more.

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